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    Elvenar introduces Dawn of the Phoenix Event 2022 with a current pet, designs and more

    Elvenar introduces Dawn of the Phoenix Event 2022 with a new pet, designs and more

    The Twilight Phoenix is a new pet that will be available in Elvenar starting in April. It bursts forth from an Obsidian Egg buried deep beneath the newly found Amuni Village in spectacular circumstances. The Twilight Phoenix’s ascent is the sixth yearly Dawn of the Phoenix event, bringing new designs and magical improvements to Elvenar. The event will take place from April 5th through April 26th, 2022.

    Find out if the Twilight Phoenix is a sign of doom or hope
    The enormous Twilight Phoenix emerges from the excavations, ripping across the landscape and flying in flames towards the nearest city. It’s supposed to have an uncanny connection to the afterlife, but gamers will have to complete the event to find out if it’s a sign of doom or a sign of hope.
    Players will earn Sky Essence by completing quests in the event, which may be used to access chests in the event window. Players will get gifts as well as Phoenix Feathers for each opened chest, moving them closer to the Event’s next Grand Prize.
    Elvenar introduces Dawn of the Phoenix Event 2022 with a new pet, designs and more

    Image via InnoGames
    Twilight Phoenix Artifacts, which can be found among the event’s Grand Prizes, can be used to improve the sixth Phoenix to arrive in Elvenar. It can be fed with Magic Academy pet food or by winning Royal or Grand Prizes throughout the tournament. After combat, the new Phoenix bird structure provides a percentage of healing to troops, similar to the Vitality Surge Instant. Players will need to use these powers and spend pet food intelligently when playing Tournaments or The Spire because the duration of healing is limited.
    Enjoy amazing rewards during the Dawn of the Phoenix Event 2022
    Along with the Twilight Phoenix, the event goes until April 26th and features some intriguing prizes. Ludibria Ventis is an expiring building that improves unit output because of the Ancient Wonder Effect.

    The Tome of Great Wonders is introduced in The Royal Prize, allowing players to choose a rune shard from each of two Ancient Wonders inside their last two chapters. Players can win a rune shard as a Grand Prize, and newer city builders can earn Broken Shards, Knowledge Points, and Ancient Wonder Knowledge Points.
    Are you excited about the sixth Dawn of the Phoenix event 2022 in Elvenar? Let us know in the comments below!